If you happened to find yourself here, welcome! We hope you will stick around for a bit longer and explore 704 Kitchen a little bit more.

We are a couple from Karachi, Pakistan, sharing our love for everything food. From cooking to eating, we believe that food can create an unshakable bond between people. How often have we met others for coffee. Or cook for someone we love. Or bring soup to a sick friend or family member. Where there is love, there is food!

Having friends in different corners of the world through our travels, we have been lucky to have tried different flavors. There are SO many ingredients in this world, and each one brings its own uniqueness in flavor and happiness. Using different ingredients with a little bit of technique can elevate the deliciousness to a whole new level.

Recipes that have been created in our kitchen are a product of our passion to explore different flavors. We have burnt some dishes and the ones that were salvaged have made it to this website. Experimentation is a fundamental method of cooking in our kitchen. Everything that leaves the 704 Kitchen counter is made with care and sprinkled with love.

From our kitchen to yours, we hope that you will be coming back regularly from this day onward.