Crispy Siwayaan Dessert

Siwayaan or vermicelli is a favorite dessert ingredient in the subcontinent. Happy occasions like Eid aren't complete without some sweet dish made with siwayaan. We tried a little something different this time and made a crispy dessert out of this. This recipe is inspired from a dessert made by MRS.'s aunt. While our family got [...]

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake has to be MR’s favorite dessert at 704; he claims that this cake made him fall in love with the MRS years ago. His logic, “if she can bake this well, I gotta marry this one!” You may have had Carrot Cakes, you may think that you’ve had the best, but this is sure [...]

Baked Vanilla Custard

Baked Vanilla Custard

We are big fans of desserts at 704 Kitchen. And when we are able to make something indulgent with minimum ingredients and effort, the world becomes a happier place. The MRS. discovered this particular recipe when two things happened: 1) she needed her daily dose of something sweet, and 2) our pantry was almost empty. [...]